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The main characteristics of centrifugal fan after fan air flow direction after a 90-degree change. No scroll and With Volute centrifugal fan the main difference is that there are centrifugal fan volute the need for a spiral of the scroll line to generate a higher outlet pressure of the air. ZIEHL-ABEGG centrifugal fan, model that covers the entire series with a century of R & D and manufacturing experience as well as the application of history, belonging to high-end market products, gained widespread recognition and trust of customers. Main RG, RD, RH, RF, RE, GR, ER and other series, both into the wind alone, without and with scroll design, centrifugal fans for high-pressure main medium flow conditions, such as ventilation, refrigeration and air-conditioning industry, especially in the field of high-quality, Xerox is the safe operation of fan 100 of the security, customers must choose the program, usually because of their good properties can be applied to pipelines.
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